Looking Ahead Into the Future

One of my good friends is a big film obsessor. We actually took a film class together last year, and I learned a lot from him. His favorite genre by far, is sci-fi. And that being one of my least favorite genres, I’ve looked to him for several recommendations recently. Whenever I don’t like something, I force myself to be very analytical as to why. I’ve found that one of the main reasons why sci-fi isn’t a go-to genre for me, is because they tend to be pretty cynical in their interpretations of the future.


I would consider myself a fairly optimistic individual. Countless personality tests and close friends/family members have confirmed this over and over again. I wouldn’t say I’m someone who can’t handle the truth, or ideas that are crude and gloomy. So I found it odd that sci-fi movies/TV series disappointed me in their depressing manners. Being aware of this, watching recommendations from my friend became more enjoyable. I recently watched Looper, by Rian Johnson, and absolutely loved it. I won’t ruin it for anyone, so don’t worry about spoilers here — but man, did it have a lot of great theme exploration.

As of late, science fiction seems to be capturing much more of an audience than before. Technology is progressing at a steady rate, and I think the fascination of what the world could look like in the near future, is intriguing (and scaring) most people. Take the series on Netflix, Black Mirror, that has been a cult favorite since it aired a couple of years ago. Developing insane — yet eerily capable — scenarios is the main focus. As a designer, we often look to crazy concept art like these episodes to inspire us for production day designs.

As a consumer, I’m nervous about what all of these movies and series showcase in their film. But as a person, I’ve come to realize I have to take it with a grain of salt. Without getting into a whole discussion on ethics and morality, I have great trust in the good nature of people, and look forward to what’s to come…near and/or far.