The Newest Release in Video Editing is Mindblowing


As a design student, I’ve been using Adobe creative programs for years now. Photoshop and Illustrator are my main jams, but being in interdisciplinary classes this semester, I’ve learned a few new programs from other peers. It’s always interesting to see people use equipment that is foreign to you. I’ve had the privilege to be surrounded by amazingly talented friends who can teach me new things, and I’m so excited to tell them about this!

I’m going to use some jargon here, but if you’re not familiar with what I’m saying, definitely watch the video I’ll be placing down below.

So, for those of you that have used Photoshop before, hopefully you know about their Content-Aware tools. Whether that be the Patch, Healing Brushes, or Stamp options, there is capability to remove things from a photograph completely. Here’s an example (credit: Peter McKinnon). Notice the door to the left that disappears.

Pretty amazing, right? These tools can be used for a lot of really cool and useful things. But those tools have only been applicable to still images…until now! Adobe has released a teaser in the video below, showcasing brand new technology that can Content-Aware fill in a video! Seriously, watch it:

I don’t do any video work – or at least I haven’t in the past – but a lot of people in my studio right now are mocking up videos for our final project. Now, this technology won’t be out for a couple of weeks, but wow, this is incredible. For all of the artists and designers out there, welcome to the newest, coolest stuff on the market! Can’t wait to see what crazy things people will do with this. If you want more info, find it here.

Black and White is new, improved and refreshing

In a world filled with superhero movies and blockbuster chick flicks, films like PaweĊ‚ Pawlikowski’s Cold War, is something special. Breathtakingly beautiful, the cinematography is exquisitely pristine (thanks to the updated black and white film) and yet somehow, alluringly antique.

Most of this post is going to be stills of certain shots, because quite frankly, I’m not going to do it any justice writing about it. I highly recommend going to see it as soon as you can. Running 1 hr 28 mins, it’s perfectly paced, and shot after shot is a masterpiece. I’ll need to see this more than once to really take it all in. I hope Hollywood is watching and learning from this, because my goodness, it absolutely dazzled me.

Looking Ahead Into the Future

One of my good friends is a big film obsessor. We actually took a film class together last year, and I learned a lot from him. His favorite genre by far, is sci-fi. And that being one of my least favorite genres, I’ve looked to him for several recommendations recently. Whenever I don’t like something, I force myself to be very analytical as to why. I’ve found that one of the main reasons why sci-fi isn’t a go-to genre for me, is because they tend to be pretty cynical in their interpretations of the future.


I would consider myself a fairly optimistic individual. Countless personality tests and close friends/family members have confirmed this over and over again. I wouldn’t say I’m someone who can’t handle the truth, or ideas that are crude and gloomy. So I found it odd that sci-fi movies/TV series disappointed me in their depressing manners. Being aware of this, watching recommendations from my friend became more enjoyable. I recently watched Looper, by Rian Johnson, and absolutely loved it. I won’t ruin it for anyone, so don’t worry about spoilers here — but man, did it have a lot of great theme exploration.

As of late, science fiction seems to be capturing much more of an audience than before. Technology is progressing at a steady rate, and I think the fascination of what the world could look like in the near future, is intriguing (and scaring) most people. Take the series on Netflix, Black Mirror, that has been a cult favorite since it aired a couple of years ago. Developing insane — yet eerily capable — scenarios is the main focus. As a designer, we often look to crazy concept art like these episodes to inspire us for production day designs.

As a consumer, I’m nervous about what all of these movies and series showcase in their film. But as a person, I’ve come to realize I have to take it with a grain of salt. Without getting into a whole discussion on ethics and morality, I have great trust in the good nature of people, and look forward to what’s to come…near and/or far.