My Color Project is Complete!

One of my projects for this semester has been completed as of today! I won’t officially present everything for another week or so, but I wanted to share the results. These posters will be hung up in an art gallery setting for our class with Ford. I will be inserting the poster’s text below after a few close up shots of the photographs. Enjoy!



A blog referencing another blog.

If you had told me a few years ago – months even – that I would have a blog in the future, I would’ve laughed hysterically. Not at you. Believe me, that humor would’ve been pointed directly back to me. I don’t find myself, let alone what I say, interesting enough to Blog about. If it hadn’t been for this assignment, I don’t think I would ever pick up something like this. And I haven’t hated it. Honest.

It’s funny too, because blogs have been something I’ve avidly followed for years. They transcend genres, people, cultures, languages, etc. And the few I do follow now, are purely visual; the ability to do that with just pictures, is crazy.

I’m featuring one today. Domo-A. It bugged me when I first saw the title. It reads: Domo-A Inspiration Blog. The grammar nerd inside me was like, “Sydney, you can’t follow a person who doesn’t even know how to use ‘a’ and ‘an’ properly.” Turns out, the handle is just Domo-A. And turns out, I’m the daft one.

I digress. This blog features a seemingly endless stream of print and web graphic design. And graphics being the first thing I studied at art college, it holds a special place in my heart. I only studied in the program for a year before I switched majors into industrial design. But, it’s one of those areas of focus in the art and design world that still captivates me.

Almost everyone (I say everyone, because my college is my own little microcosm) tends to say graphic design is the easy form of design. But when non-graphic designers have to do graphics…Lord give me strength.

I find myself judging? (I can’t find the right word here) other artists, thinking I can do the same or even better. So it’d be hypocritical of me to say I’m different. But, graphic design is one of those mediums that can’t be duplicated easily. And I wish people could realize that.

Even if it’s minimalistic, the ability to see form, negative space, typography, etc. is a talent. Each artist and designer should be given credit for their studies and work. It’s something I’m going to have to work on. I would’ve lost the bet that wagered on me having a blog. And look where I am now – typing away.

If you don’t have any blogs on your heavy rotation, I highly recommend finding a few. If they’re all extremely different, even better. I’m not putting my blog into the category of successful ones by any means. Now I know how difficult and mentally challenging it is. Check out a few of my favorites:

Lemanoosh. PassanaPassa. Windows of New York. Plenty of Colour. Made by Folk. Abduzeedo. Identity Designed. Beatrice Cerocchi.