Trash Eating “Shark”

Drones have – for the most part – been partitioned to the sky. But drone-like robots have been existing and thriving on land (and in water) for years. Insert RanMarine’s WasteShark. This drone is like a roomba for the water.

It sucks up garbage in marina areas in Dubai and several European countries at the moment. Take a look at the video below for more details!

creating clean drinking water out of thin air

Clean drinking water is a commodity. According to the Thirst Project, over 663 million people in the world do not have clean drinking water. I’ve traveled to several places where the public water system is either unsuitable for digestion, or completely nonexistent. In Haiti especially, I had to drink water out of small bags like these:

Image result for water bags haiti

The plastic waste from these bags is out of control however, and honestly might add to the problem more than it helps. So it really intrigues me when I see a project surrounding harvesting water, like the Creating Water Foundation‘s “fogfarming,” where they quite literally pull clean drinking water from thin air.

Here is what happens. They set up a net system in the outskirts of Lima, Peru. This area is notorious for fog, so, their system capitalizes on the unused condensation in the atmosphere. The condensation gathers when the wind from the coast pushes fog through the nets. These droplets then fall down into a gutter-like system that then pours the water into large containers for storage. Those containers can then be accessed by organizations for distribution, or by individuals in surrounding communities for personal consumption.

The nets are installed by locals, creating jobs within the process of long-term solutions as well. The installation is fairly inexpensive, especially in relation to water purification systems that require a lot of man power and electricity to operate.

What is even more incredible to me, it that they have a complete guide/manual outlining how to install your own net system on their website. For free. How amazing is that?? A company with a beautifully intelligent design, gives away assets like this just to help people. That to me, is truly something.