Corktown, Detroit

all photos taken are my own 1/22/2019

I was recently chosen to participate in a studio class with Ford Motor Company. The brief for our course was to document, discuss, facilitate, and develop the relationship between the Corktown neighborhood and Ford over the next 3-4 year span as the automotive mogul renovates and redesigns the Michigan Central Train Station. It has been a daunting task, being assigned the responsibility of preserving the history of such an iconic piece of Michigan history. Our class is only 2 weeks into the program, and quite honestly, we’ve just been throwing ourselves at the learning aspect of it all.

Today, the students were given a tour of the ground level of the building. I’ve seen photos before. I’ve had the urge to sneak into the station while it was in it’s abandoned stages. There is this certain energy around the whole thing. But until you are actually standing in there, your whole perspective is blown out of the water. I only captured a few photos today, because 1) I was freezing my butt off and 2) I was overwhelmed.

I can’t exactly share my wealth of knowledge (because I don’t have it yet) about the Corktown train station. I’m staying optimistic about Ford’s intentions and plans for the community. I believe everyone is optimistic about this prospect. I am not a native Detroiter (I’ve been in the city for about 4 years now so I have some first-person perspective) so I cannot claim that I’m an expert. What I will claim, is that I am more than excited — and nervous — to talk to the people who have been here for their whole lives; the transition this area will see in the next few years will be unbelievable. I will do my best to update you on our progress as a class. As for now, enjoy the few photos. And tune back for more!