A teacher’s experiment with cellphones

I am reposting something interesting I found on Facebook. A teacher by the name of Chris Rousey (I won’t link anything for the sake of privacy) conducted a technology experiment in his classroom. I’m attaching his words below. I think this is simple and brilliant. Enough said. Enjoy.

If you don’t think cell phones are a distraction in school, please check out the experiment that I conducted with my classes. Please note that I do not allow students to use their phone in my class. They are not allowed to have them out at all. For one day only, I had my students turn the sound on for their notifications. Every time they got a notification, they had to walk to the board and put a mark on the board under the appropriate category. The pictures are the results of my 3 regular math 8 students. Each class has between 25 and 28 students. After the first class, I had to color code the chart. Black was friends in this school, orange was family, and blue was other. (Ignore Lindsey’s data, she told her dad to send her messages all thru class. She was being funny.) Overall, it was a huge eye opener for my students, staff, and parents.

Chris Rousey