The Tattoos of the Future

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I’ve always admired, and wanted tattoos. Unfortunately, I find myself to be too spontaneous for such a permanent decision. Being in the art and design world too, my tastes and aesthetics end up changing very frequently. Especially when it comes to typography (which would inevitably be my first type of inking) my favorite font from last month, is now repulsive to me. So, I’ve deliberated for years on tattoos, but can’t seem to figure out what I want to do.

Insert the temporary options. I’ve drawn on myself with pens, sharpie, paint, henna, etc. (much to the chagrin of my father), and it always fills the flippant temptation for an actual tattoo.

MC10, a tech and medical research mogul, created flexible circuit “tattoos” that aid in bio level readings. Though they aren’t main stream yet (they’ve partnered with a couple of companies and schools since the original drop in 2015) I have a feeling this sort of application will be extremely useful (and inevitably fashionable) in the future.

Wearables – especially watches – were the majority of “hit products” at CES this year. But these flexible, tattoo-like patches completely blow those gadgets out of the water (in my humble opinion). I’m not looking to slap these patches everywhere on my body to replace a normal tattoo, especially since these are primarily medical at this point in time, but tech like this is really intriguing for a few reasons.

If these patches had the capability to monitor bodily functions (heart rate amongst the more obvious reasons) and then send that info/data to a user’s app, it would be pretty cool. In a day and age where data collection is becoming more and more popular (and accessible) for the average person, the seamlessness of this technology would be incredible.

There’s been luminescent, projection mapping, and audio-file tattoos. But imagine being able to ink yourself, and have it serve an actual function.