The Touch of an Artist


Design is something that shines its light on every corner of the world. Art has given life to millions of products, people, and places. As someone in the art field, I see redundancy more than I care to. I wouldn’t call myself a genius, a prodigy, or a gift. Beautiful art is hard to capture. And often, it is not created for everyone equally. It is easy for millionaires to buy classic paintings and timeless sculpture. But the average person finds something special in the every day. The average artist, often overlooked, creates something special out of something mundane. Take Tim Zarki’s project Hue.

The medical field rarely sees the touch of an artist. Unfortunately, we forget that products like stretchers, medical instruments, or inhalers, can receive the same undivided attention and treatment that purses, cars, or shoes get. Zarki has designed inhalers for kids that makes the every day, bright. Not only from the vibrant colors, but the material applications, to the ergonomics, and the delightful details.

I don’t want to speak for his project, but I do want to say how refreshing it is to see something like this brought to life. Kudos to you, Zarki. I hope the art and design world sees more from you in the future.