Underwater Hotels. The New Luxury?

I’ve traveled around several countries that are known for scuba diving and snorkeling. With abundant coral reef and marine life, the Bahamas, Hawaii islands, Caribbean countries and more are all famous for underwater beauty. A company called Planet Ocean is trying to take advantage of a new luxury: hotels submerged in the water.

Now, I’m very skeptical of concepts like this. Primarily because of the cost. The capital and engineering it would take to create something like the rendering above, is almost impossible. But, I’m sure there are several billionaires out there that have done it all, and now want to do this.

As almost everything becomes accessible to the average person, luxury experiences are going to become even more outlandish. Oh, you traveled to Africa to skydive? Basic. You hiked up an active volcano that had an Airbnb at the base? Basic.

What’s not basic? Space. And the ocean. We’ve seen several concepts for civilian space travel pop up in the last few months. But I don’t often hear people discuss underwater ventures. Seems like uncharted territory (pun intended). Maybe a new wave (lol) of luxury will spur companies like this to actually execute their elaborate plans. In the meantime, we’ll have to resort to basic, mediocre, Earthly things.