Single-Use Plastic Packaging is Becoming Obsolete

Nohbo Shower Pods

I recently blogged about new strides in the world of packaging. In that post I had briefly discussed a few companies that had designed their packaging as product enhancement or as a new product sector altogether. I believe packaging of the future will go in two different directions: packaging as a product or the complete elimination of single-use packaging.

Personal care is one of the most overlooked areas in our lives when it comes to sustainability. The amount of product the average person uses in a year – toothpaste, toilet paper, lotion, skin care, shampoo/conditioner, the list goes on and on – is unbelievable. The average person is said to use 3-4 tubes of toothpaste a year; shampoo and conditioner, about 12 bottles for the average person. Now think of all the plastic. Each bottle, tube, dispenser, thrown out over and over again.

I know I personally haven’t thought about my container graveyard recently. It doesn’t seem like all that much – until you do the math. I stumbled upon the company Nohbo today, and I’m blown away. They created the first single-use, plastic-free shampoo Drop. You can see the detergent looking pods in the photo above or the sketches below.

NOHBO Pods Sketch

To use the product, you run the pod under water in the shower for a few seconds and the water-soluble casing dissolves, leaving you with the shampoo ready to use. How cool, right?!

Now, me being the Devil’s Advocate more often than not, I figured, “Wow this is all good and dandy, but I bet those drops are shipped in a single-use, throw-away packaging that completely defeats the purpose of all this cool stuff.” Turns out, yes they have packaging. But no, it’s not plastic. The external packaging is completely biodegradable, plant-based sugarcane resin. Not sure how that works, but their scientists have figured out some amazing stuff. So I’m very happy to say my fears were eradicated.

The company’s website has a lot of information, so I highly recommend checking it out. It says online they will be releasing conditioner, body wash, etc. sometime this year. I’m really tempted to buy some and experience it for myself. People are amazing.