There’s a new way to damage control

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I’m a fairly responsible person. And yet, my phone has been accidentally left in many bathroom stalls and one time, an Uber. Now, I’ve remembered to go back for it (and in the case of the Uber, I tracked it down just fine thanks to my more than attentive driver) and I found it in every occasion. Quite honestly, I’m not super attached to the information on my phone. So despite the hard hit of buying a new one, everything gets uploaded to the cloud and I can always log into accounts on a new device. But, if I lost my computer somehow, that would probably be devastating. I just finished a hard-drive backup earlier today, but when all of your student and freelance work is on one device, it becomes extremely valuable.

I’ve had to do short-term insurance before (renter’s, travel, etc.) and it was a pain in the butt trying to get the right company, coverage, and time period for my needs. During a research assignment this weekend, I came across a company called Trov that sells single-item insurance, with the fluidity of on-demand protection. A lot of their glowing customer reviews were from photographers who covered expensive cameras and gear. They advertise bikes, guitars, antiques, tech gadgets, and more on their website.

Scrolling through their several categories, I was really intrigued with their platform. Going overseas for a study abroad trip? Select the specific amount of time you’ll be out of the country, and boom, totally covered. Accidental damage, loss, theft, mechanical failure, etc. is all taken care of. I don’t know their rates because I couldn’t be bothered with plugging all my information in to get bombarded with promotional emails, but I highly recommend checking out their site. Or watch the video below.