Star Fakes Going to Coachella to Prove the Internet is a Lie


The internet is fake. And the YouTube star Gabbie Hanna – who has over 6.5 million followers – is trying to showcase that in her recent stunt “I Faked Going to Coachella.”

If you want to watch the full length video of her antics, go here.

Anyways, this influencer wanted to show people how easy it is to create photoshopped footage on social media. Her friend who shoots photography for a living, helped her doctor all of the photos they shot at a neighborhood park and her friend’s home. They were hours away from the event, and people still believed it. They even printed out fake wristbands for her to wear in case people noticed her empty wrists.

After sharing on Instagram for several days over the last weekend of the festival, she posted her video on YouTube telling everyone about her prank.

Looks and appearances are important when it comes to branding and your social presence. But for an average viewer watching and aspiring for these things, just know that these “things” aren’t as attainable as they seem…and so much of this is just photo manipulation. Social media is just a very curated and manipulated version of reality. Don’t base your life off of the few posts you see from your favorite influencer living this amazing glamorous life because the whole time I was “at Coachella” I was really just mostly sitting in this editing chair at home.

Gabbie Hanna