Smart Home, Smart Safes

We’ve seen an increase in gadgets within the past few years that now make our homes infinitely smarter: thermostats, cameras, refrigerators, and more. What oftentimes is overlooked however, are our valuables. Insert the company QuickSafes. If you didn’t watch the video above, I recommend skimming through the visuals. It’s not the greatest acting, but for a company that is still a startup (and family built and owned), it’s easy to overlook the cheese-factor and see how brilliant their products are.

I’ve seen hacks for the beach where you can hide car keys or money in hollowed out tennis balls, sunscreen bottles, and even Pringles cans. There’s a factor to hiding things in plain sight that seems to render it more foolproof. It’s the every day objects we always overlook – and apparently thieves especially. Now, I’m not guaranteeing this is 100% going to work, and this company doesn’t either. But, the idea behind it is pretty genius in my opinion.

In a day and age where everything is going digital, opening a safe with your smart phone is practical and efficient. They have other options, but I think the app is an accessible way for people to start being smarter about their valuables. Nowadays, cars even have apps that can start the vehicles from miles away. I don’t have a vehicle with that luxury yet, but as technology progresses, it’s often the simple – and overlooked – things that really make a difference.

These safes are actually pretty reasonably priced too. The company has glowing reviews online, and as mentioned before, it’s amazing to see a family company doing great things. As Big Tech is ever-encroaching upon their global monopolies, it’s refreshing to see a small brand with an imaginative idea become successful.

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