Block Out the Haters


As a young person in the design world, technology is always at our fingertips. We are required to take advantage of computers, 3D printers, various machines, countless Adobe programs, and the list goes on. I’m always hunched over my laptop — scrolling, typing, clicking, posting. More than just the physical side effects (I still have yet to figure out if the blue-light blocking glasses are actually working or if it’s a placebo effect) my mind is overwhelmed almost 24/7 when I’m not sleeping.

I have been trying to limit my screen time, both on my phone and computers when I can. Obviously work doesn’t count, but Facebook doesn’t need an hour of my time before I try to go to bed. After deleting my Instagram almost 6 months ago, I’ve gained so much time in my day. And a lot of mental sanity has been reinstated. You don’t realize how much energy social media and technology can suck out of you on a daily basis. More often that not, we try to keep our phones away from us while we do homework, shut down access to sites while we work. Essentially we’re forcing blinders onto ourselves. And for good reason.

The Kickstart company, IRL Glasses, has found a new innovative way to help us block everything out. Their technology embedded in the lens of their glasses, renders screens (phones, laptops, televisions, LED advertisements, etc) completely black. If you’re out and about, put these babies on and man you could rock your productivity like no tomorrow. Or read a book in peace now that the TV doesn’t flicker in your peripheral vision. The uses for the average person who doesn’t want to be overwhelmed with our now inescapable techy world, are endless. Enjoy the world and block out the haters people. Can’t wait until these things are available for purchase and I can experience the apocalyptic-esqe feeling of being untouchable in a world where everyone and everything is trying to get my attention.


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