“Put your phone down…

…Your texts will be there later. The person in front of you won’t.”


I would classify myself as a millennial, and though we get a bad rap, I think my generation is the last one to have grown up without an abundance of technology. As a child, my sisters and I played outside every chance we could get. I didn’t have a phone until the end of 8th grade, and a Facebook until college. I just recently deleted my Instagram after a few years of use (that’s a topic for another day). Now, I witness young kids as little as 3rd grade, have brand new iPhones. And my goodness are they wizzes on those things. The amount of technology they have been subject to since the day they were born, is uncanny. The world has never seen anything like this.

It’s an overdone topic — shaming young kids for living through their devices. Quite honestly, if any of us were in that situation, it would be difficult to know any better. I can remember my sisters and I playing games on the computer, and we’d have to wait at least 20 minutes for an internet page just to load. I had an iPod shuffle, which didn’t have a screen; and you had no idea what song was going to play next. Dial-up has upgraded to the newly prospective 5G. Music devices have upgraded to phones (that are now more powerful than most computers). And I can barely keep up with the new tech that comes out it seems every other day.

What has bugged me for the longest time however, is the lack of conversation people seem to have these days. The art of having a discussion/chat/convo in person — and not over text — seems to have been lost. Especially when I try to talk to someone just a few years younger than me, it feels as if I’m having a conversation with a brick wall. Older generations haven’t lost this social skill because they didn’t grow up texting 24/7. And I’ve tried to limit my screen time (particularly at a restaurant), because talking to people is something I enjoy immensely. I’ll see couples out to dinner, both of them on their phones, not saying a word to each other. It frustrates me; so I tend to gravitate towards activities with friends where phone use is limited. Examples include: bowling, trivia nights, going to the movies, board games, get outside for a walk, etc. Be creative! Put your phone down and experience life and the people around you.

I am being slightly hypocritical right now, since I’m typing this up across from a friend at a coffee shop. But now, I’m signing off and enjoying our time together! Go, have a great day!

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